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Chinbridge Institute is a research and learning center founded in June 2017 with the following objectives:

  • To serve as a platform for academic engagement to foster, promote and propagate academic knowledge within the field of social sciences and humanities.

  • To foster, promote and propagate social sciences education and research as a transforming force in both individual and societal life.


The vision of Chinbridge Institute is to be a trusted center of focused and reliable information to account for the past, direct the present, and shape the future.

The Chinbridge Institute, although young in term of its establishment, is known for research, civic education, advocacy and anti-corruption works in Chin State. In the last one and half year, Chinbridge Institute has carried out several researches and studies on livelihood, local governance, regional parliament, water, land governance and education.


At the core of our success is partnership. Our belief in partnership with local, national and international organizations has helped us to be able to partner with and serve various local, national, international and regional government working in and for Chin State, and outside Chin State.


With the supports from our international and local partners, Chinbridge Institute runs projects dealing with issues of importance to Chin State that include, but not limited to, civic education, political education, research on public education, language-in-education, water, parliament and so on.


The Chinbridge Institute also has served various local, national and international partners to generate focused and reliable information for improved service delivery and evidence-based decision-making.

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