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2021 Reseach Report

The following research reports are produced by Chinbridge Research Fellow who worked under Research Capacity Building and Fellowship program run within 2020-2021 Project Period. Some of our reports that are written in the Hakha (Chin) language can be found here. Reports written in Burmese can be found here.

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Access to Higher Education: Educational Opportunity for Rural Youth

Sui Meng Par states "matriculation examination as a ticket to HE accessibility in Myanmar yet passing the exam does not guarantee students’ admissions to HEIs of their preferences."


Non-Profit Private Higher Education Institutions in Chin State: their Purposes, Challenges and Sustainability

This paper argues that compared to the public sector, the private sector enjoys institutional autonomy that creates many more opportunities for improvement, and that non-profit private HEIs should take better advantage of it. This does not, by any means, imply that the effort that these private HEIs have made were ineffective. Nor does this attempt to downplay the struggles that these private institutions have overcome even to survive amidst the ample challenges.



The National Education Strategic Plan and Its Impact in Chin State

This study aimed to determine the teachers’ teaching styles, students’ learning styles and their academic performance in transforming on National Education Strategies Planning Basic Schools in Chin State.


Identifying the Barriers that Limit Access to Higher Education for Rural Students in Hakha Township, Chin State

This study is mainly focused on the barriers for rural students in Hakha Township when the students access higher education via the main pathway. In the main pathway, lower matriculation pass rate is one of major barriers for limited access to higher education for rural students because only students who passed matriculation exams are eligible for admission to higher education institutions.

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Youth Employment Among Chin Youth in Chin State

The research report presents the findings on youths’ employment in Chin State through an interview with 21 employers, 40 employees including teachers at public schools and 10 survey respondents across Chin State. The research aims to explore the causes of unemployment in Chin State.

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