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Since 2018, our research at the Chinbridge Institute has created a major impact on the city, the State and some parts of Myanmar. With the vision to become a trusted center for data, we'll be bringing the same approach in years ahead, producing data for evidence-based policy-making, for development agenda support and making a contribution for enduring solutions to some of Chin State's biggest issues.

Understanding political representation and people’s participation in Chin state​

We have conducted democratic representation and people’s participation in political processes in Chin State, using a mixed-methods approach that included focus-group discussions, interviews, surveys, and participatory videos, about how people and parliamentarians define, perceive, and experience democracy. For more details about this research, explore more at our partner Global Research Network on People and Parliament website.

Research Highlights

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Researchers at the Chinbridge Institute are producing a number of research report in 2021. Explore our other previous reports, current research programmes and upcoming reports.

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Deforestation and Development in Myanmar

Michael Oren reviewed three journal articles which stake out the factors of urbanization driving deforestation in Myanmar, the impacts of deforestation, and policy solutions to facilitate a more sustainable development agenda.

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